Milan / Switzerland

I was in Milan last May . I was traveling with my colleges . It was a very short trip for 3 days , but it was cool . I had been in Italy before but visiting Milan was my first time .

Ok, the first day we visited the palace : ” Palazzo Borromeo Isola Bella” where the famous ” Mozart ” had rest . This palace is situated in ” Logo Maggiore “ . The palace and the garden outside were simply amazing . You need to take a boat to get to the palace because it is in the middle of the lake . You can take a walk outside the palace and there you can find cafes , restaurants and museums . I especially recommend going there .


In the evening we put our bags in the hotel and we went for a walk in the city . We chose to eat in the small and intimate Italian restaurant . Of course we ordered spaghetti with a glass of white wine .

On the second day , the guide proposed to us to walk around the city . Then we had ” free time ” until evening . I shopped a lot . IMG_0201IMG_0301

On the way it was important to stop for coffee . I love coffee very much . In my opinion the Italians make the most delicious coffee in the world . IMG_0395

To tell the truth i had very sick when i came to Italy . But i couldn’t resist to the ice-cream : ” Venchi ” . I tasted the ice-cream that the whole world is talking about . It was really worth it 🙂 IMG_0224IMG_0230

Of course we visited the famous place : ” Duomo “ . It was breathtaking !!!IMG_0268

Behind the ” Domo ” there are all the brands and the most exclusive restaurants . ( of course , the ice cream ) .


On the way back to the hotel we encountered the case the restaurant of  ” Dolce & Gabbana ” . First of all , i didn’t know that the have a restaurant . The restaurant is simply stunning , has generous service and outstanding food . What is also cool that the restaurant is inside the street . It is very quite place and you have privacy there . Of course , i ordered spaghetti 🙂 In conclusion , i recommend to go there . ♥  for the restaurant →→         click here 🙂


That evening we had a special event . We went to ” Roberto Cavalli’s ” club . The club was just closed specially for us with a private fashion show . I want to say only one thing , everything was perfect . for the club →→ click here 🙂




On the last day we arrived to Switzerland . I would like to say that Switzerland is simply amazing . Everything is very clean , people are very calm and the air is fresh . Switzerland is a country which i want to come back . IMG_0472IMG_0501IMG_0527IMG_0537IMG_0585IMG_0604IMG_0612

By the way , there we also went to the outlet of brands : ” Fox town ”   . You need a whole day for it . The mall has 4 floors . On the way to the airport , we stopped in traditional Italian restaurant . I know you will laugh at me , but again i ordered spaghetti .


This is how my three days passed . Definitely i will come back again to Milan and Switzerland 



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