I visited Istanbul three years ago . This visit was really spontaneous . The goal of my trip was to celebrate my 21st birthday . I intended to travel for a week but i got only three days off . 

I don’t remember the exact names of the places where i went . I visited Istanbul in the end of November and it was really cold . I didn’t take warm clothes . I remember that all the time i froze . IMG_0087

I’d like to say that Istanbul is very different from European cities . Istanbul is a very special city . The culture , the food , the people , the environment are all different . IMG_0363

First of all , i must say that i like the architecture . IMG_0188

The people are very pleasant . When i shopped the sellers went out and greeted me . IMG_0348

What was also really cool are the stands in the streets . Every day i bought nuts , corn and pomegranate juice there . IMG_0441

I must tell about the special tea that is served everywhere . I liked more the way the tea was served than the tea itself . ( Let’s say i like coffee more ) .


I think the turkish sweets are also very delicious . IMG_0228

I was inspired by ” Grand Bazar “ . A huge place . You can find so many things there . I highly recommended to visit this magic place . 



Definitely i will go back there !

But the next time i will choose another city in Turkey . (For instance , Antalya . ) ♥


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