If you are going to visit a very important event and you need to lose your weight quickly , or you just want to clean your body . ( By the way studies have shown that it is very healthy to do ) .

I have a solution for you ” RUSSIAN DIET “ – is only for one week and you will lose weight up to 6 – 8 kg .

It is important to emphasize that you must eat according to the menu  ( below ) . I know that it is hard but i promise that it works .

Of course if you do not feel well, stop the diet immediately !!!!!!

ok , soo the menu is :

Sunday – only fruit, no bananas !

Monday – cooked vegetables without spices . And one potato but it is need to be cooked .

 Tuesday – you can eat fruits and vegetables, but you must not mix them , and one potato without spices .

Wednesday – 8-10 bananas and 3 cups milk all day .

Thursday – 6-7 tomatoes all day. At noon a cup of cooked rice .

Friday – fruits and vegetables but do not mix them. At noon a cup of cooked rice .

Last day – vegetables, at noon a cup of cooked rice.  Fruit juice.


Do not forget to drink a lot of water !!!!






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