Insurance degree

Hi, everyone ,
I’m really sorry I did not write a long time on the blog.
I had a bit of a busy period. But here I am 🙂

So I want to share with you my graduation . That was last week .
Still can not believe it happened . So many efforts , so many nights without sleep . And here it is ! But to tell the truth I still do not know if I will go to work in insurance company . I’ve gotten lost. Because I love fashion very much and I like to design .I’m sure it happens to many people . Who do not know exactly what to do with his life .My intention is what to study ,the expectations of others … At first I had a plan for my life . But there’s nothing you can do when the heart wants something else. So we are allowed to ask questions, we are allowed to finish a degree and not go to work in the profession that we have learned . Do what you love ! And do not be afraid of what other people will say …

Do not give up ! ֿ

Life only once !







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