The perfect Friday

So how was your last Friday?

I had a lot of inspiration.
My friend and I decided in the last minute to go to the art museum.
I think it is very important to go to exhibitions and museums from time to time to get inspiration .When I walk through the museum, I just get lost in a whole world. All the walls are so huge. Then you can stand for an hour in front of a painting and think what the artist meant when he painted .

After that we went to have breakfast at noon .  It was very tasty . I must say that I like to eat breakfast more than lunch and dinner  🙂

And in the evening I went with another friend to a restaurant on the beach . Was perfect. We ordered fruits and ice coffee . It was really fun and relaxed. I had to go to a calm place after a crazy week I had .

And today I work all day on my designs. So that’s how I spent the weekend .

I hope you enjoyed this weekend too 🙂 ….


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