Ok , so last Friday I was in Jerusalem for one day. And I must say that this was the most amazing day of my life. And although it was only one day I enjoyed every minute.

We (me and my best friend) started our morning breakfast at an amazing hotel called:         ״ Waldorf Astoria” . 

After that we drove to a cave called: ״Avshalom Cave״ . It was really the most beautiful thing I saw . There really are no words to describe . ( A cave that was discovered recently due to an explosion ) .

To eat lunch we decided to go to the Elvis Presley Inn . The place is amazing. Everything in his pictures. His music plays in the background. And if you buy coffee you get as a gift for the glass. So much inspiration.

We also drove to the Old City. We walked a lot. We did not feel our legs. Really 😐

Of course we went to the Western Wall. There is nothing to say about that. I think every everyone should  come there and feel the holy feeling.

At the end of the day we drank coffee on the roof of a hotel called : ״ Mamilla ״ . The hotel was so beautiful. In the roof you could see the whole city.

It really was only one day but we felt as if we had been there for a week.

If you need more information or consult about a trip. Write me in my personal email: christinanetcal@gmail.com 

Or write in comments 🙂







  1. Экскурсия удалась,пещера впечатляет,у стены плача ты права,у каждого свое чувство!


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