(10) Beauty Secrets

1. Drink water with lemon and honey every morning. On an empty stomach. And half an hour later you can eat . It does wonders for the face.

2. Apply moisturizer before makeup. And before bedtime. (Do not use the same moisturizer for the eyes and for the face ! The eyes should have a special moisturizer ) .

3. It is better not to drink carbonated soda. This causes cellulite.

4. It is better to eat dark chocolate. Or replace chocolate with dates and almonds.

5. King’s nuts should eat only five a day. And no more..

6. Do not wash your hair every day that causes hair loss.

7. It is recommended to change hair shampoo every six months .

8. Before bedtime it is recommended to drink tea with lemon and honey.

9. After five pm , it is better not to eat corpuscles at all !! !

10. Drink lots but lots of water during the day !! This causes detoxification in the body and less suffering from migraines .

All the things I recommend here. It’s things that have happened to me over the years.
So I made a summary of recommendations.
Hope this helps you 🙂
Of course, for some people my recommendations will fit more and some less.
We are all different, each has a different body and different responses.
But if something from the list will help you, I’ll be happy 🙂



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