A week of birthday

This week I had a birthday .
I have already become 25 years old . Do not believe . Not long ago I was 18 years old .

All week I celebrated .
I love birthdays so much. You feel special. Meet friends. It’s time to think about the past, about the future. Set goals .

The night before I went out with friends on a stand-up night and after that to a really nice bar .

I went to Superland too. I always had a dream at the age of 25 to go to Superland, I do not know why . )))

On the morning of my birthday I had breakfast with my family. 

That day we also went to Kangaroo Park. It was very exciting. This was the first time I had seen Kangaroo . 

We took a walk in the mountains. The view was stunning .

In one word everything was perfect . Sucks that birthday only once a year ..(

 Some pictures from these amazing days . ↓




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