A busy week

 I’m really sorry that I disappeared a little ..I had a crazy week, I didn’t have a minute to breathe !!!

I’m sure that everyone had a crazy week )) Soon a new year (2018) .. So much more needs to be done! In my opinion, the hardest thing in this period is – the gifts !!! I am always under pressure to choose a gift for someone … It takes me hours to choose something . So as you understand where I disappeared – in the mall .

By the way, I changed the shape of my nails . I think a round shape is more beautiful ) . I also worked a lot this week on my clothes collection .

Last Saturday I was on the birthday of a good friend of mine . Let’s say I drank too much …. A day after .. I was all day in bed with a cup of tea.. Yes sad 😐

Well, more or less this is what I went through . 

Hope you’ve had a great week 🙂 


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